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5 funny and illogical things Indian parents say or do 

Before writing, I would like to say that this post is just for entertainment, please take it as a joke. I really respect my parent and all the other Indian parents, but still I would like to share some hilarious logic of our parent.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • You are not an American 

My parents feel proud as a peacock when I got full mark in English, but guess what happens when I speak in English with my siblings in front of my parents at home. I am a Punjabi, so my parents just know Punjabi. Whenever I speak English,my parents think that I am bitching about them. Honestly, I will never ever dare to do that as I know if I do that my children would also bitch about me.

Why are you smiling?

Actually, everyone do this to me or you and I am sure that everyone hates it. Whenever you are talking about something serious or true, just because of your smile’s bad timing everyone thinks that you are lying. It is sadder than the story —‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.  


They know you have a bf or gf

In additional, if you smile looking down at phone, your parents would think that you are dating someone.(They wouldn’t be happy honestly.) Even if you are smiling now, at the moment while reading this, be careful if your parents are misunderstanding you.


No one will marry you

Everyone parents scare their children using this excuse specially ‘desi’ parents. For girls, if you don’t know how to make roti, no one will marry you. However, my mum always told me how she learn everything after marrying dad. So, that’s totally illogical!!! For boys, if you don’t stop speaking foul language no one will give you their daughter. Once, my mum was just saying that to my brother and my brother asked(In Punjabi of course)’Then, why did grandpa gave you to dad as I learn all whose word from him?’


Break her/his smart phone

Smartphones are the biggest enemy of our parents. If I feel sick, my parents blame the phone. Likewise, if something is wrong with my phone, they are going to blame me. Also, don’t you hate than when you are study for hours and no one notice that, bit when you hold your phone for just a while, your parents would appear and shout and shout.

  Whatever my parents do, I still love they and I respect their thoughts.

Thanks for reading and please don’t mind of I have said or wrote anything wrong. Hope you enjoy it!!!!


Womens’ right

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. However, in many developing countries like India and China, not everyone is that lucky to have the opportunities to learn. 

 Many girls never get an education and a chance to prove themselves. These girls have a foot of clay which is not taking stands for themselves and not fighting for their rights. There are many reasons that prevent girls from going to school like poverty, early marriage or discriminatory gender. Many people think that education for girls is useless as when they grow up they are just going to become a housewife. That’s obviously not the truth as if you look around, I bet that you’ll find many successful women. For examples, Dr Tse Yuen Man from Hong Kong, Malaya Yousafzai from Pakistan and Michelle Obama from US. Frankly, I think the negative thoughts of other people is the biggest obstacles to girls’ education. And, this negative thoughts define them as an uneducated cold fish.

  Although, I am not against arrange marriages I sometimes think that people’s thoughts are illogical–they want a daughter-in-law who has a degree in medicine but want her to stay at home 24 hours as a housewife. So what is the use of the degree if she is not allowed to work? What ever your religion is, your God will never said that only the man of the house can work. So, why?

 A woman is always very sure about her responsibilities. And, when a woman stays at home taking care of you and your parents despite her high qualifications, it means that she puts her family on the top of everything even her happiness. So, why do people think that they don’t even deserve a chance to study?