A Mistake

                             The Mistake 
Yesterday,I was sitting in the café and I saw an outstanding artist drawing a cup of coffee.While he was drawing,he dropped his eraser and he couldn’t find it.After that he was struggling as he made many mistake and he couldn’t  erase it.  At that moment,John W.Gardner’s word came to my mind—‘Life is like a drawing without an eraser’.There are many things that we regret , that we should or shouldn’t  have done in the past. I always ask myself that why people forget things that should be remembered and remember something that they should have forget. 
I had a bad experience recently and I’m still very disappointed with myself. I joined a writing competition that I was longing to join. Every student has to pay $180 to enter and apply of the competition. However, I was quite fortunate that my school agreed to pay the whole cost for me. That was such an awesome opportunity for me, but I forgot. to go to the competition on the 2nd January,2016. I was so busy in welcoming the New Year that I didn’t notice on the slip that it was going to be held  in January and not February.

I realized my disastrous on the 3rd January when I took out my homework folder and I found a notice about the competition.


         I was blanked for about 5 minutes and my face turned totally red with shame and horror.I was disappointed with myself as I can’t even remember a date.Then,when my teacher asked me how was the competition,I was speechless.Many people was expecting me to do the competition well and I let them down.
A wise man say that ‘The only mistakes we ever make are those we don’t learn from.’ We should learn from our mistakes and never stop trying.’ That’s why now I am going to join another writing competition.The past is in the past. 



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